How do I arrange a visit?

If you want to find out more about Squiggles Daycare please get in touch to arrange a visit or speak to a member of managment.

Please call: 0156288792 or

Email: office@squigglesdaycare.co.uk

When is the nursery open?

We are open from 7.30am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. We are open 52 weeks a year and only closed on bank holidays.

How will I know what my child has done at Nursery?

You will be given a full handover when you pick up at the end of the day, alongisde this we also have an online learning journey called Tapestry. You can access the app throughout the day to see what your little ones have been getting up too!

We also encourage you to upload your own photos of activities and trips you take part in at home!

Will you be able to cater for my child with an allergy/dietary requirments?

Everything is cooked fresh on site by our chef, Davina. We cater to all allergies or dietary requirments such as nut allergies, dairy free and gluten free. We offer alternatives for all meals if needed. 

How do I settle my child into nursery?

At Squiggles we pride ourself on ensuring the children have the smoothest transition into the nursery. We also understand it can be difficult for the parents if your child is starting a new setting so we ensure we support you too! 

We offer a 1 hour settle where you can discuss your childs routines, likes/dislikes and so on with their new key worker, this also allows you to get to know them more. We then offer a 2 hour settle where, if you are happy, you can leave them. However, we understand all children settle differently and the settling in sessions are flexible. 

How many staff will be looking after my child? 

We adhere to the OFSTED guidlines, as follows. 

0-2 ratio is 1:3

2-3 ratio is 1:4

3-5 ratio is 1:8